A photo of Craig Frear, Regenis' Director of Research and Technology, touring anaerobic digester facilities.

Craig Frear Teaches Biogas Course

Dr. Craig Frear touring anaerobic digester facilities

Our Director of Research and Technology, Craig Frear, was a key instructor in the 2nd American Biogas Council (ABC) West Coast Operators Training Course. The three-day course was held in San Francisco, California from February 26-28, 2019.

Twenty-two students were taught key principles behind anaerobic digestion systems, including anaerobic digestion theory, chemistry, and math with operator focused training on digester upsets, odors mitigation, and RNG, primary separation, secondary separation and nutrient recovery operations.

Students were also treated to special tours of 3 separate digester facilities in the area—the Blue Line CNG Facility in South San Francisco; the Zero Waste Energy Facility in San Jose; and the East Bay Municipal Utility District Co-Digestion Anaerobic Digester Facility in Oakland.

Craig had a wonderful time interacting with the students, ABC staff and fellow instructors Bernie Sheff and Dan Waineo. The three facility tours were also excellent and indicative of the diverse technology, approaches, roles and outputs present within our industry.