Anaerobic Digester


A Dozen Digesters In Two Decades

Regenis has built more manure digesters than anyone in the Western United States.

With a combined total of 120 years in service, 30 billion cubic feet of biogas produced, and 2.3 million metric tons of CO2 mitigated, we have the experience to lead or complement an existing team on any dairy digester construction project anywhere in the U.S.

Construction of a digester system

We Care More About Your Success Than About Our Role

We have experience managing construction for digesters and gas upgrades, installing rebar, pouring concrete, and as a sub-contractor for mechanical work and plumbing. And as a bonded contractor, you have the confidence that the financing is secure.
Regenis technician welding a piping system together

Construct A Successful Digester Project

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Build Your Anaerobic Digester For The Long Haul

Major repairs on dairy digesters can run into the millions and destroy the profitability of a project, but we have the experience to keep that from happening to our partners. Because we are also digester operators, we build with the longevity of your digester in mind.
Regenis technicians constructing a digester system

Video course on buying a diary digester by Regenis

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Your Dairy Digester Project Forward

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Mitch Moorlag, Edaleen Dairy

A headshot photo of Mitch Moorlag from Edaleen Diary testifying about Regenis' dairy digester.

“Regenis had already built our digester and kept it running continuously for six years so we had confidence hiring them to build our fine solid separation system. Now we’re able to remove phosphorous and nitrogen from our liquid waste stream, apply nutrients to our crops more precisely and reduce the amount of liquid we have to haul off the farm.”

Patrick Serfass, Executive Director, American Biogas Council

A headshot photo of Patrick Serfass, an executive director for American Biogas Council testifying about Regenis' knowledge about biogas.

“Craig Frear and the team at Regenis have supported the American Biogas Council for more than a decade with their deep knowledge and technical expertise on the design and operation of anaerobic digesters. As a result, we are providing a better service to the biogas industry and countless developers, operators, and digester owners are producing more biogas than they would have without Regenis.”

Steve Vander Haak, Vander Haak Dairy

A headshot photo of Steve Vander Haak from Vander Haak Diary raving about their dairy digester partnership with Regenis.
“We were considered pioneers when we built the first digester in the state two decades ago, and we’ve partnered with Regenis from the beginning not just because of their technical expertise, but also because of their tradition of honesty and integrity. Throughout the last 20 years, we’ve viewed them as our partner as we’ve experimented with cutting edge technologies. Our ongoing efforts together have allowed us to upgrade power output by 25 percent and identify a string of new products.

Clay Hartman, Director of Construction Services, Leyline Renewable Capital

A headshot photo of Clay Hartman, director of construction services for Leyline Renewable Capital testifying about their partnership with Regenis.

“Renewable natural gas is the next generation of green energy solutions that satisfies the increasing demand for cleaner energy resources. In a competitive market it is an imperative to partner with industry proven professionals. Leyline has chosen the Regenis team to leverage Regenis’ technical, construction, and operation expertise to ensure project success. They are a trusted partner and provide sound, professional support in all phases in the project life cycle.”

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“Regenis built digesters have produced nearly 1.5 billion kWh of renewable electricity.”